Closed Eyes

What will you see with those opened eyes………When closed eyes show you the darkest secrete, you always wanted to hide………

In the soil of nature, in the lap of nurture, in the eves of joyous, in the lows and the sorrows and I walk to the sun, I talk in the rain but at the end of the day, it has to claim.

Sleeps not at nights ..gaze all day sights …when closed opens another door..relaxes mind but not my soul shows the reality of life yet so denied but listens none if once done…

Sometimes..waits for some to carry their deeds…Sometimes is late for some ..unit they bleed.

Maybe what dream with closed eyes was never our decision and is Someone Else’s…

Maybe we cannot face reality with open eyes, which will again force us to close our eyelids as we see them.

Maybe we hide and hide and hide things but you know yourself and hide and sees it in a place where nobody else can…

Maybe the smallest part of us wants if..which we see with closed eyes…


If I ask you…

Can you walk on earth with closed eyes..?


Yes of course…

It is just because you have known the directions and things with open eyes..or you have a sense of touch and you can feel the obstacles coming your way.


Can you walk in a dream with opened eyes?



You have of course seen yourself walking in the dream…not only walking but also flying, climbing, rolling, dancing.. what else…can you smell or sense once you open your eyes why does everything goes and fades away…You have seen it RIGHT!!!”SEEN IN DREAM??” YES…WITH MY OWN OPENED EYES..NO NO CLOSED…NO I OPENED EYES BUT EVERYTHING AT ALL VANISHED ..WHERE IS MY THIRD EYE ..OR I GUESS I BORROWED IT AND IT’S INVISIBLE NOW….No just hold on you didn’t…It was your imagination…!!

And when you see you are just so close and you see too close but your eyes are closed and when you open them to see it…….Oh!but it’s gone…

What do you think, what was it, where are those lost dreams, can you find them ever?

I will be waiting………….




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