The portrayer, the individuality, the constitution, the makeup, the stamp, the brand ambassador which gives the universal right to determine the nature of the person giving full-time judgment basing on certain features present on one surface…………Is it just the face which defines oneself, the characteristics of the same body which is still taken on lease by you or the physical appearance or just with respect to the life performs…..Where are you then???Does anyone cares about the inner immortal soul …how does it look like????
Do souls have characters to be judged upon? Or faces being mocked on?
The society has divided the whole universe into good and bad even those which are not their own creations ,they never take a second breath before criticising things made by THE DESIGNER they distinguish and had set a power of hatred against individuals on the physical basis of colour, shape, structure  dividing them in their own ways of good or bad…oh Hello hold on… you haven’t created it!

How can they not love some so like themselves?
Hating someone criticising His creation is the most painful thing man ever does to Almighty. Every individual has their own definition of beauty… unless you can give them one or stop criticising….they may over conceal you and blend your comments within their hearts and still put on a foundation of goodness with a blush of smile on their faces …or …they may just remove you off like spoiled makeup.

WHY CAN’T THEY???when I can…
STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL!!! ………….I bet you will fall for each one you see….I do, so can you…
face pic


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