The achievement from the past cannot be forgotten and nor pain. The pain and suffering from the past have always paved ways for a better future. Several theories from then past always been viewed even to these days to understand the mechanism of body and causation of diseases. The era from 1400-1600 A.D was the time of individually evolving medicine and this era has given a lot of knowledge from the experiences of the researcher, epidemiologist, and scientist from the past century and these experiences have remained in the form of manuscripts in the records of achievement.

Some of the greatest achievement from the past include, the theory of contagion”, Fracastorious, “Harvey discovery of the circulation of blood”,1628, “Leeuwenhoek’s microscope”,1670, “Jenner’s vaccination against smallpox”,1796, “The great Cholera epidemic, in Britan and London, Edwin Chadwick 1832 & John Snow,1848, “Germ Theory of diseases”,1860 by a French Bacteriologist Louis Pasture, and many more.

One of the authors in his paper aware us of the importance of medical history as it teaches us, where we came from? Where we stand? and in which direction we are proceeding? in the field of medicine.

The Works of Galen, an outstanding Greek medicine teacher along with Avicenna, the leader in Arabian medicine, was complied into a 21 volumes encyclopedia “The Cannon of Medicine”, which sufficient knowledge of Childhood diseases.

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The ancient medicine has been comprehensive but exciting. The formulas from the ancient civilizations have given the world great bulks of knowledge about medicines and enough information about the belief system in the past. The different forms of medicines evolved in the past include:

  • Preventive medicines
  • Indian medicines-Aayurved and the Siddha system
  • Chinese medicine-the yang and the yin
  • Egyptian medicines
  • Mesopotamian medicine
  • Greek medicine
  • Roman medicine
  • Hygiene/Infectious disease


Modern Medicine

After the 19th century, rapid evolution in medicine took place and the concept of medicine started focusing on specializations. The concept evolved around two specific areas which were preventive and curative medicine. The modern era of medicine also saw a drastic change in or transition in the disease pattern, there was rise in the number of Non-communicable diseases, which later on was also known as chronic diseases. Modern medicine was divided into:

  • Curative Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Social Medicine

The medicine in all times had to deal with crises and those crises were not enough in comparison to the 20th century “Population explosion”, which has been a major subject of concern for all medical and non-medical investigations.


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