The word satisfaction itself is not satisfied.The change in satisfaction leads to new degree of satisfaction which causes the very acceptable situation change which is always confused with change in nature of human which eventually is supposed to be connected with their habits.

The change in level of satisfaction has now become a tool for someone with which one defines the changing of scene n perception with change in time which finally means the changing situation which is universally accepted eventhough the situation itself is unaware of its change….but despite of having no knowledge of its motility,it is considered to be one of the most flexible on this earth.

Is there someone who cared about the changes in or the increase and decrease in the level satisfaction? 

Is it all about changes in oneself ..if Yes then is it a hormonal change which is of external stress or external support which is now called the habit or change in response of the soul due to complete torture or inhumanity with itself or because of a deep down fear which your soul created against your Soulfulness.

If it does and you cared of it rather than caring about your level up and level down in the ladder of satisfaction than you have tried to kill your self kill your soul which no more is into take a chance to get stuck to the soulmate and would rather prefer to die off alone just like a coward who knew nothing of himself even. 

Knowing the degree of satisfaction in oneself is equally important to knowing one’s partner well enough to give on judgment irrespective of grounds because its just tells you what you really want and how far you can get it corrected to receive it in a best manner and it gives you knowledge about how the wrong judgment would harm and change one’s life and then later on the person.

Knowing yourself is not enough knowing yourself with the degree of satisfastion you need and you should get matters the most because when the topic of expectation gets added upon again the term ” should” flies down with little or lots of hope within it which again enlarges the way to satisfication  ….so the term “should”not be allowed to make its way to us but the word need is needed for the sake of the souls….satisfactions are needed to be changed but there should not be any hope for betterment because once achived need not be inproved it will still remain a victory,…

To be continued………….

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